Online reputation management has never been easier with Review Builder

Review Builder is an easy-to-use platform that makes reputation management effortless.

Review Builder can integrate many popular online review platforms including:

Text SMS Makes Reputation Management Easier!

Grow and Improve Online Customer Feedback with Review Builder

Managing negative reviews and collecting positive customer feedback is the single most effective marketing tool you can do for your business. But how do you do it?

Review Builder provides services that can build and improve customer relations. Our solution helps you remind customers for feedback, guide them through the online review process, and give you a chance to reach dissatisfied customers!

Simplify how you manage your online business reputation

Review Builder allows you to manage and respond to customer reviews. Our platform will help you increase visibility and engagement which will ultimately improve your brand’s digital footprint. 

Our Review Builder Reputation Management Platform gives you an easy to use dashboard.

Get Reviews

Send review invites via SMS or Email to your customers. Positive reviews go live onto sites that matters most to you, and keeps negative reviews private.

​Get Found By Customers Online

Verify, Create, and publish your online business listings. Optimize your online presence to bring in new customers. Ensure visibility across major review sites.

Make Smarter Business Decisions

All your analytics in one place. Make data driven decisions based on your insights about your business and track your competitors.

Easy Location Management

Detect business threats with 24/7/365 monitoring, and  determine which threats require action when you receive real-time notifications via text or email.

Protect Your Business Reputation

Get alerted when customers review your business. Manage all your reviews in one dashboard. Reply to reviews to maintain your online reputation.

Build Your Business

Maximize site engagement, increase business reputation and simultaneously provide an analytical backbone for business growth.

Build a better business with Review Builder

It is important to realize that customers will usually take to the internet to satisfy most of their consumer needs. For this reason, businesses need an easy-to-use tool to manage what people are saying about them.

Businesses that respond to 50% of their reviewers grow twice the rate of those businesses who ignore reviews. Managing both positive and negative criticism is important  because a perfect online reputation is not realistic and it may not establish that initial trust that a customer is looking for in a business.

As a result,  Review Builder is the tool that can get your customers spreading the good word to the sites that matter and improve your online ranking in search engines.

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